Before excavations commence, extensive survey & mapping takes place, using the very latest state-of-the-art equipment to fully understand what lies below the surface. This quickly identifies services including, Water, Gas, Drainage services, HV & LV cables, BT (telecom) cables, Optic Fibre, Cavities & Voids, Sub-Surface Composite or any other detail. This is paramount to the safety of any excavation in order to avoid fatalities or injury. Strikes on services, prove to be very costly & generate massive customer complaints, for the identification of lost assets and to avoid disruption to other services and to avoid a loss of Client Confidence. For this reason we have invested heavily into a brand new Service Delivery Department, “Sub Surface Vision”. Our goal for this department is to deliver the very highest quality service available in the UK & World-Wide. 

Our equipment includes, Ground Penetrating Radar, Electro-Magnetic Locating Equipment, GPS location reporting, Collection & Storage of Service data and full map CAD production  facilities to any size, including A0 & A1. All survey results are guaranteed 

Commencing the excavation after a full survey means confidence of never striking services below ground even in the most complicated of areas when numerous services cross our intended target location. We aim to provide the maximum customer confidence possible.

Massively complicated excavations safely avoiding every possible service are made easy because of our highly trained and uniquely qualified engineers/technicians using this state-of-the-art equipment 

The laying of a brand new mains pipeline, insertion of two new control valves and a major pipeline repair, all successfully completed through an array of other services while leaving the water supply, “Always On”, not one single customer lost a single drop of their water supply. 

Complicated Line-Stop & full By-Pass technology providing “Always-On” supplies are made easy with our excavation services.

Full length trenching & pipe laying services are made easy due to the experience of our surveying department, Sub Surface Vision.

Safety is paramount to the successful completion of any project. Here we see a deep excavation fully shored to prevent washout, or cave- in of the chamber. This is particularly important on “Burst Repairs” where high pressure water/gas/oil erodes & weakens surrounding  ground making the working environment extremely dangerous. Our procedures eradicate “ALL” risks associated with these projects.

After the successful completion of a major “Emergency” pipeline repair, we see the safe backfilling of the excavation using only the highest quality material. 

Re-building of valve boxes & even major valve houses is all part of the service that we provide.

Reinstating a major project to the highest standards, finalises the procedure. 

The re-laying of private roads, pathways & drives is all necessary when the project runs on private property or land 

Every possible control measure is put in place by our expert teams before the commencement of any excavation procedure. Full reporting, risk assessments & methodology statements are generated for approval by the client before any working procedure begins.