Our Services

We offer a range of services in advanced pipeline solutions.

HVL-VR (Valve Release)

A valve operation system which allows our technicians to operate valves which are seized, difficult to operate, require seating or are suffering from differential pressure. These techniques allow for an almost risk free method of dealing with unserviceable valves, as opposed to the high risk methods of linear force generated by excessive torque, often delivered by technicians using large bars or actuators which are numb to the feeling of feedback from the valve when operating.

HVL-VP (Valve Packing)

The Hydra-Valve procedure for under pressure valve re-packing which can be carried out without an excavation.

HVL-L (Valve Locking)

A technique approved by various water companies for isolating valves (most commonly butterfly valves) to support a double isolation or allow for a single isolation so that the risks incurred by man entry into pipe lines is reduced to a safely, quantifiable level.

HVL-VL (Valve Lubrication)

A technique for injecting lubricant around the valve’s working parts, under pressure as part of valve maintenance without the need for isolation.

Utility Surveys

Using an array of state of the art equipment, our engineers are able to conduct thorough surveys of underground utilities. This allows for areas of utilities to be re-mapped and understood when utilities have been lost or when questions as to the function of an area of network are raised.

These techniques are especially useful when excavations and traffic management is impractical. Using our techniques it is actually possible to identify assets by their shape for most ground conditions.

Pipe Line Repair and Maintenance

Our teams have at their disposal a rapidly increasing array of methods to deal with a multitude of pipe line faults and maintenance activities. This includes repairing leaking or corroded pipes, pipe insulation and flange and joint repairs. All activities can be done without isolation and can deliver significant cost savings.

Valve and Pipe Line Surveys

Using under pressure drilling techniques our technicians are able to determine the condition of the internal parts of valves and pipes using bore scopes and video scopes so that a thorough assessment of their condition can be made and a solution proposed if required. Our techniques currently allow us to prove that a valve is seizing or leaking by using bore scopes, if picture evidence is required. Alternatively, by using the latest technology, we now have the ability to obtain this information without invasive means.

Valve Refurbishment

To avoid long isolation periods this is done in situ. So for example, if a valve which is unserviceable or is part of a maintenance program, requires refurbishment our technicians can strip down a valve (without isolation in most cases) and carry out refurbishment to the internal parts as required. The valve is then reinstated with new parts as necessary (e.g. packing rope, seals, packing gland bolts).

Gear Box and Ancillary Parts – Refurbishment/Replacement

Due to the age of many valves, if certain ancillary parts including the gearbox fails, then a complete valve replacement is required as replacement parts may not be available. Hydra-Valve has the capability to repair or re-manufacture these parts to avoid costly valve replacement. These parts may also include, spindle extensions, brackets, ladders, draw off tower cover plate assemblies, etc…