Hydra-Valve Group

H V World Wide is the Group Holding Company, for HVL, PMI, PTS & APT. The executives of this company, manage all aspects of it’s subsidiary companies. HVWWG is headed by globally experienced executives combining over 140 years of experience in the Oil, Gas and Utility sectors. All have previously held senior management positions within international companies.

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Since 2010 HVL has been recognised as an innovator in the Oil, Gas and Water sectors. We provide a true A to Z full solution for pipelines, assets and storage. Our “Always On Technology” means most of our servicing and repairs are carried out while your assets are online and we require “No Shut-downs”, meaning no loss of productivity or loss of profits. We specialise in Valve, Pipeline and Tank technology, equipment, servicing and repair.

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The most advanced pipeline testing system available in the world today. Using state of the Art technology our aim is to completely irradicate the need to “HYDRO-TEST” pipelines and vessels! Our fully approved system has been used around the world with proven cost and time savings in excess of 95% over traditional methods still used today. Our unique system can be used on any materials including plastics, steels and casts and is extremely accurate. We can deliver immediate results with zero downtime. No need to transport bulky equipment or liquids we eliminates logistical problems and reduces man power to single figures!

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Since 1996 we have been delivering solutions to the Oil, Gas and Utility sectors around the World. We design, build, supply and provide extremely high quality intervention equipment and services. Our bespoke services are recognised around the world for providing the ultimate in pipeline and flow control solutions. Our portfolio includes all forms of Hot-Tapping, Line-Stopping, Power-Stop, Valves, Fittings, Cutters, Specialist Welding Services and much, much more!

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Pipeline Maintenance International has a proven track record in all aspects of Pipeline, tank storage and production asset maintenance and testing both upstream and downstream and both onshore and offshore. We have recently added a very successful range of chemical treatments to our portfolio which is quickly becoming the central focus of many International and National Oil and Gas Companies. Our chemicals can save Oil companies a huge amount on costs of production and massively extend the life of assets.