Risk Elimination

Each company assists the group with its own methods of reducing risk to network assets, personnel, customers, and the environment, both physically and financially. With the formation of the group these risk reduction benefits are further enhanced by our unified knowledge of the services that we offer.

With each company complimenting the other a full understanding of the risks involved in any application is possible and further risk elimination or reduction is achieved.

An example of this would be that a line stopping operation might be requested by a customer to allow for the repair or removal of an asset. Bypassing operations may be required to maintain supply, requiring a large area to become part of a site. The surveying team would be able to survey this and propose that the asset is refurbished under pressure by Hydra-Valve without the need for a heavily intrusive operation.

Equally, an under pressure refurbishment operation may be taking place and as part of the risk assessment the Hydra-Valve personnel could request the support of Power Technology to provide a line stopping service to ensure the safety of the operation whilst still maintaining supply. In addition to this it may be that asset refurbishment may not be possible so Power Technology would be requested to insert new, fully functional valves into the system, under pressure, and without affecting supply.